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Circular Seven

Issue seven (36 pages plus cover) of the magazine of the Typographic Circle.

Chip Kidd (Peter Giradi)
Michael Twyman (Teal Triggs)
Jonathan Barnbrook (Jim Davies)
Phototype (Pat Baglee)
Are we still only typographers? (Ed Macdonald)

A new way of seeing (Andrea Speidel)
House of Naylor (John Hill)
Jan Tschichold - what's it all about (Paul Barnes)
Andrew Boag (Mack Suber)
Mind the gap - a rough crossing (Pat Baglee)
Hochuli and Smeijers books reviewed (Paul Barnes)
NYC (Rob Sutton)
Windows on the Digital Future (Nico Macdonald)

Size: 200 x 280mm, illustrations or photographs (approximately 60 in total) on almost every page.

Published 1997.

Price: GBP:2.00

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